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XBlock collects the current mainstream blockchain data and is one of the blockchain data platforms with the largest amount of data and the widest coverage in the academic community. We also provide cutting edge research on blockchain by InPlusLab.
This large comprehensive collection of blockchain data is useful for making significant research findings for a wide variety of applications and domains (e.g., network science, fraud detection, smart contract, machine learning) and provide great convenience for researchers.
All blockchain datasets have been cleaned and classified in a standardized way, which can be easily downloaded into a standard and consistent format. For information about citing data sets in publications, please read our
citation policy.


On-chain dataset provides raw data on block main chain, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.


Our research on blockchain, including fraud detection, smart contract, crypocurrency, network analysis and performance.


Bitcoin Dataset

Bitcoin on-chain data

Ethereum Dataset

Ethereum on-chain data

EOS Dataset

EOS on-chain data



Performance Monitoring & Blockchain QoS, Reliability.

Smart Contract

Verified Contract Recommendation & Code Reuse

Network Analysis

Temporal Link
Node Classification


Ponzi Scheme
Market Ecosystem