Website Guidance

  1. You can navigate to the corresponding page by clicking the button of Transaction-Dataset.
  2. After entering the Transaction-Dataset page, there are a variety of datasets to choose. Here we take the dataset of Second-order Transaction Network of Phishing Nodes as an example.
  3. You can see the details of the dataset, including the introduction, data format and citation and so on. By clicking the button of Dataset, you can download the dataset. The README is suitable for you to know more about the dataset. If you want to run the related code online about the dataset, you can click the button of Run on Kaggle.

As an example of the EOSIO onchain dataset, you can know the introduction, overview of data and citation on the page。What’s more, you can click the README at the bottom of the dataset to see details of the dataset with document format.

You can click the Dataset button at the bottom of the Dataset to download.

You can choose the BibTex, IEEE, or ACM reference format to cite according to your needs.

You can click the Related Work button at the bottom of the dataset to see the relevant research based on this dataset.

  1. You can click the Run on Kaggle button at the bottom of the data set to go to the page we maintain in Kaggle.
  2. Then you can select the Notebooks on the navigation bar and click the Starter to enter the page of interactive online notebook. Finally, you can click the Copy and Edit to view, modify and run a quick guide script.

You can fill in the comment, nickname and email address at the bottom of the page, and then post your comment.

You can visit our related papers page to learn about relevant research in the blockchain intelligence field.

You can find our information on our About page and you can also contact us at